Commercial Real Estate Agents Success – The Numbers You Must Know

Most commercial real estate agency people struggle to get results. The property industry can be like a roller coaster when you do not focus on it correctly each and every day. You get pressures from:

Clients in the listings you have underway

Buyers who want to inspect the listings

Prospecting for new business

Sellers that want Corporate Real Estate Training to talk to you

Tenants that need more or less space

Other Salespeople that just want to talk

Inspection of property for sale or lease

Listings both new and current that you must serve

Marketing campaigns to attract the property enquiry

Negotiating and closing on sales and leases

Difficult deals that take time to keep on track

Everyone wants some of your time when you know the commercial property industry. The most important tool to bring to bear on these issues is personal control. If you cannot control yourself then everyone else will and that is a recipe for disaster and stress. The only way to be successful in the commercial real estate industry is for you to take total control of what you do, and for you to choose to do the right things each and every day.

To fix this you need a plan and a set of values or goals that you will stick to. Recognise that it will be very hard to keep to the plan, and that it will take most of your discipline to do it.

Understand this one main point; sticking to a personal plan is really hard. That is why you need the goals and that is why you have to check in with your goals at least once a day. They will keep you on track.

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When success in listing property or selling property is hard, it is largely because you are operating off plan. The plan for whatever reason has been neglected.

So set the plan as soon as you can. Sure it will change but importantly you will have a plan to get started. The elements of your plan need to incorporate some or all of these things:

Number of listings generated Commercial Real Estate Brokerage in the week

Number of sales generated in the week

Number of leasing deals generated in the week

Number of prospecting calls per day and per week

Number of door knocks completed

Number of meetings created with prospects

Number of target letters sent to prospects

Number of new people you put in your database each day

Number of calls made to old contacts that may act again in the future

One look at this list and you will say that time does not permit you to do it all in one day. If that is the case then work out what you can do and get it started. Even a small amount of consistent momentum will be a positive thing. Small success leads to bigger success.

These things that you can and will do become the foundations of your success in the industry. The more foundations you set, the stronger your career results. It’s that simple.