Commercial Real Estate Agents – A Marketing System for Today

When it comes to selling and leasing commercial property today, the marketing process is fundamentally important to the levels of enquiry that you get.

Buyers and tenants as the case may be, are selective and slow to act. This means that the marketing of commercial and retail property has to be well targeted and focused on the end result.

What’s the Object?

The object of marketing is to generate the enquiry. Generic marketing today is a waste of time. Specific target marketing requires more time and effort, but it brings better results. This means that the commercial property agent or salesperson should be spending much more time on the marketing campaign in its planning and in its implementation. The only way that this can and should be done is through the exclusive agency process.

The Best System

The best way to approach the marketing process of commercial and retail property is to focus your efforts around the local area and the levels of enquiry currently. Both of these factors will give you hints as to the marketing processes that really work. Ask yourself the following questions:

– What types of local business are successful in today’s economy?

– Where is the enquiry coming from?

– What type of property is the enquiry looking for?

– How can you tap into this Where To Shop When Building A House inquiry effectively?

– What types of marketing process Top 100 Real Estate Companies In Usa 2019 get the best results currently?

The answers to these questions are available to you if and when you track your marketing campaigns. Each campaign will give you evidence of what works and what doesn’t. The tracking process of the marketing campaigns for each exclusive listing in your agency should be a constant process.

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A marketing system for commercial real estate involves these stages:

Defining the target market

Identifying how that target market can be served by the subject property

Building a list of features about the subject property that are attractive to the target market

Drafting adverts to suit the marketing funds available

Getting approval from the client to the marketing adverts and initiatives

Commencing the campaign

Tracking the campaign

Adjusting the campaign

All of these points sound logical and simple, although many agents struggle with the implementation and the focus on what needs to be done.

When you follow the steps, you get better enquiry results and that helps bring the sale or lease all that much closer. In this slower property market, that is exactly what you want and need.