Commercial Agents – Talk Is Fickle, But True Prospecting Is Timeless

In commercial real estate sales and leasing you should strive to become a personal version of ‘big Residential Real Estate Agent Job Description business’. Success and progress should be your goals on a daily basis so that growth happens.

Success and progress in more listings and better commissions comes from directed action and nothing else. You have to have a personal plan of action to help with this. That is not just a plan to get work done, but a plan to get particular essential things done each day such as:

25 Prospecting Door Knocks to new businesses in targeted locations

25 Prospecting Cold Calls to new people and businesses

5 new target letters to selected property owners

Email your prospects the latest listings and market update

Follow up on 5 target prospecting letters sent out last week

Load your database with updates and new prospects

Access your database for follow-ups and calls

All of these things are centred on positive forward momentum. Without a Residential Real Estate Logo base plan like this you cannot and will not move ahead in the industry.

Now many people think that they cannot get all these things done each and every day due to lack of time. The reality of the industry is that you have to do these things or your modified version of them. New listings and prospects do not come to you easily.

One really important fact in commercial sales and leasing is you will find that others will take up a lot of your time given the opportunity. At the end of the day you will then feel like nothing has been achieved. That then becomes the start of frustration and stress, and you do not want that in your commercial real estate career.

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One very scary fact is that where you are today in the industry is the compounded result of all your habits and actions. If you are not happy with just where you are now then it is best to take a look at your habits and actions of the past; if you are like most people, they could do with an upgrade and change.

The seven points above are foundational to get forward momentum in the industry. Sure other things do have to happen in the working day as well, but these 7 things above should not be avoided at any cost. If you really want more commissions and listings then the answer lies in the daily focus and action that you take. It’s quite simple really; it’s up to you.