Choosing an Agent to Sell Your House – Questions to Ask

Selling your major asset is a big financial decision and how you go about it can largely affect the end result. It’s important to choose a good agent who is professional and can provide you with the best market price for your property. Here are some key questions to ask agents to help you find the right one to suit your needs.
Can you provide references?
Ideally an agent should be able to provide a list of his past clients. Find out what kind of experience they’ve had with the agent, and if you get positive feedback keep them on your list.
What is your experience?
The agent should tell you how many years they’ve worked at their agency and in the industry. Generally the more experienced the better, but this isn’t to say new agents won’t provide you with good service. Take a look at training levels, and make sure your agent has a Real Estate Salesperson’s Certificate which is a legal requirement in Australia.
How well do you know the area?
You want an agent with a track record of timely sales and properties sold in your local area which are similar to yours. This will enable you to determine how successful they are and whether they have the experience Bilateral Real Estate to market your property. Knowledgable and experienced local agents will be able to demonstrate properties they have recently sold and how much your property is likely to fetch when placed on the market.
How do you market your properties?
Make sure the agent covers all aspects of their approach – do they use websites, multi-listing services, flyers, signage and magazine or newspaper ads? The agent should have a good marketing strategy already in place with online being an important aspect.
How much do Bilateral Real Estate you charge?
Some agents work on a commission only basis, while others require certain expenses to be paid even if the house doesn’t sell. Some agents will also require you to pay for the marketing costs associated with selling your property, so make sure you find out what will be charged. It is however also important to note that the best deal does not necessarily mean the best price for your property – so make sure when evaluating potential agents consider what they can provide in terms of securing you the best price for your home.
What is involved in the contract?
It’s important you understand everything in the contract and ensure the agent goes over everything in detail. You need to be sure you can terminate the agreement if the agent doesn’t sell within a reasonable timeframe or if you’re unhappy with their service. Obtain legal advice before signing any contract and be wary if the agent skips over any details.

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