Cash Buyers Give Lift To Real Estate Market

The real estate market has certainly had its ups and downs like every other industry in the economy. While things have little by little been turning around, the Travelers Real Estate Investment Company one area that seems to be surging is purchases being made for cash by buyers. Cash buyers are jumping at any and every opportunity out there it seems today.
With over 30 percent of all home sales being accounted for by these cash wielding buyers, properties are going to this group at record levels in the U.S today. This insane percentage is up from 25 percent in May 2010 and even 12 percent from two years ago.
Finding buyers for properties has been a cinch for those sellers that strictly focus on buyers paying with cash. A majority of these buyers consist of investors, both international and domestic, who are enticed by low prices and potential rental income. And to the joy of these investors, their purchasing activity has yet to spike increases in pricing.
For those looking for a great home-based business, finding buyers paying cash and subsequently connecting them with investment properties is a great money maker in today’s market. For several months in a row the What Is A Good Debt Service Coverage Ratio trend has continued of over 30% of purchases being by cash buyers. And with a median price of an existing single-family home set at just $166,700, there is no indication of this trend dying down anytime soon.
There is no denying the fact that buyers paying cash are literally saving those who work in real estate. The only real estate training systems needed are those focused on finding cash buyers.
While the median is over 30 percent, there are some areas that are primarily cash buyers. For instance, 49 percent of buyers in Las Vegas came from those paying in cash. In Phoenix 44 percent was accounted for and over 63 percent of the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area purchased a new home in cash.
One of the first things you will learn in real estate training is to go for the sure deal, which is precisely what cash buyers are. Real estate firms and sellers will see better results by focusing on finding and marketing to cash buyers in their market.
This trend is unlike anything the real estate industry has seen. The numbers are astronomical given how hard the industry has been hit in recent years. While prices continue to stay level for the time being, the number of cash buyers will presumably remain as well.

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