Cape Coral, a City on the Up

The United States Census Bureau’s records give the beautiful city of Cape Coral in Florida a total area of 120 square miles of which 90% is land, meaning of course that the remaining 10% is water. It is a very sizable peninsula with borders to the south and east with the Caloosahatchee River and further to the west the Matlacha Pass, the home of the National Wildlife Refuge and Aquatic Preserve.
This remarkable place is still in its relative infancy being less than half a century old and surprises many with its standing as the city with more mileage of canals than any other in the world – Venice and Amsterdam included. What is more the vast majority of them are navigable for which huge numbers of people take advantage regular of, especially those that that have a direct access straight out into the Gulf of Mexico.
As the saying goes, out of tiny acorns do mighty oaks grow, and never has a phrase been more appropriate for a city than when levelled at Cape Coral. It has worked its way up to being the state of Florida’s 2nd largest city by area and 11th largest by population and this is likely to continue to rise steadily Real Estate Agent Capping due to the fact that nearly 70% of those are aged between 14 and 65, with under 25’s comfortably outnumbering residents over 60. There is a multi-national feel to the city with a decent amounts of Spanish, Italian, German and French speakers happily making their home in this land based paradise.
Infrastructure wise Cape Coral is just 10 miles from the Interstate 75, connecting northwards to Tampa and onto the Midwest states and heading south down to Fort Lauderdale and the mighty Miami. There are 2 major bridges, together with numerous other smaller structures. The Cape Coral Bridge connects the Cape Coral Parkway to Fort Myers and a little further around is the Midpoint Memorial Bridge which leads on to Colonial Boulevard. The smaller constructions span across the Caloosahatchee River.
There is plenty of scope for public transport, although there really is a laid back feel to the place and many prefer to go at their own pace in a relaxed manner, enjoying the splendour of the city and its wonderful waterfront locations. If preference is for the bus then there are 6 routes in and out of Cape Coral operating from early morning right through to late evening, although you will struggle to find one on a Sunday. The vast Southwest Florida International Airport is only just over 10 miles away served by more than 20 major airlines.
There is an increasingly impressive calendar of events happening in the city and is attracting more and more visitors each year. Possibly the most popular recurring feature is the Oktoberfest celebration which will be held for the 28th consecutive year later in 2012. Based on the famous Munich festival it has a major German input which ensures a lively occasion. Property For Sale Under 5K There is also a major independence Day firework display on July 4th known as Red, White and BOOM! Over 100,000 visitors are also attracted to The Cape Coral Festival of Arts on the second weekend of January, with as many as 300 artists and craft people from all over the country lining the famous Cape Coral Parkway for a magnificent exhibition.

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