Call Capture Can Increase Results From Your Real Estate Marketing

The real estate industry is a very competitive field for getting both buyers and sellers. Realtors need to be aggressive and innovative in their real estate marketing strategies in order to attract clients and make sales. Gone are the days of just posting an ad in the Real Estate Purchase Agreement Ohio local paper and placing a sign in the yard and waiting for calls. Realtors must chase the leads. Good realtors are able to chase the leads and get them interested. Great realtors are able to get leads to come to them so that the chase is more fruitful in the end.
Real Estate Marketing Strategies
Most realtors use similar marketing strategies in order to gain clients. Listings are promoted in local print publications such as trade magazines and newspapers. Most realtors also have their own websites or at least have listings on the main website for their brokerage firm. Since most people now rely on the Internet in order to research real estate listings, it’s important that every realtor has some form of online presence.
Since every realtor tends to use similar avenues of marketing, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and use different techniques to remain competitive. Call capture is one method that helps you attract buyers and sellers and stay ahead of the curve when marketing your real estate listings.
How Call Capture Helps Property Management And Development Company You Remain Competitive
Call capture is a real estate marketing strategy that helps bring leads to you rather than you chasing down the leads. You are assigned a number that connects to a call capture service where buyers or sellers can get information on a listing or further information about your services. They can leave a message, request a fax, or be connected directly to you. No matter which way they choose to handle the call, their phone number is captured by the system and relayed to you within minutes. This allows you to return their call as quickly as possible, reducing the chance that they’ll connect with another agent before you’ve had a chance to get back to them.
How to Market to Your Clients
Using a phone number capture service is one way to get both buyers and sellers interested in working with you. When pitching yourself to a potential seller, let them know that you use call capture on your listings. Explain that the number goes on both the sale sign and in print ads so that buyers can receive information about the listing 24-hours a day. This is more attractive to a seller than an agent who can only provide information to buyers during normal business hours.
When receiving information from the capture service about a number, make sure to respond to interested buyers as quickly as possible. Even if they don’t leave a message, you can always return the call and mention that you were interested in answering any questions or possibly meeting with them to show them a multitude of similar properties. The quicker a buyer can get inside a home, the greater the chance that they’ll choose to work with you.

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