California Prices Vary Widely Throughout the State

The golden state of California has lured adventurers, fun-lovers, and independent spirits for two hundred years. From the old times of the Gold Rush to the modern desires of breaking into the movie industry, people have flocked West to somehow find a way to make their dreams come true.
The reality can be wonderful. There are thousands of actors, actresses, entrepreneurs, musicians, business owners, writers, and more who live the American dream Real Estate Health Insurance of fame or fortune. These are the home owners who can easily afford to jump into a $2 million bungalow located on the beach or a mansion in Hollywood Hills.
For others, the reality may be a job as a waitress or cook, a secretary, police officer, firefighter, reporter, school teacher. Their career dreams may also have come true, but one American dream may be much more difficult to obtain: home ownership. The average price of a home throughout the state is about $350,000. For someone waiting tables and raising a family, buying a house is not an option.
Certainly the location of where you live in California will also play a key role in whether or not an average wage-earner can afford to purchase a home. In Riverside, a house may be purchased for about $200,000, while in the center of the state Yuba City real estate averages $150,000. But go south to Los Angeles and a buyer may find themselves spending over $400,000 for a standard house. In San Francisco, a half a million dollars is average.
Remember, these are prices for 2010, not for 2006 or 2007. Just a few short years ago, Los Angeles homes cost over $600,000 while San Francisco buyers had to shell out more than $700,000. With those prices in mind, perhaps $400,000 to $500,000 is a pretty good buy.
In San Francisco – for exactly a half million dollars – what would you get? A buyer may find three bedrooms, two bathrooms, an attached garage and a full, finished basement. The best part of the 1745 square foot house, however, could be the view. As you gaze out the dining room window, the beautiful rolling hills of the city welcome you.
Back in Yuba City where the average price is $350,000 less than the cost of real estate in San Francisco, a buyer can find a 1500 square foot new home with three Real Estate Business bedrooms, two baths, a two car garage, and all new appliances, gorgeous kitchen tile and cabinets, and fresh paint throughout the house for just $150,000.
While you may get more for your money in Yuba City, you simply don’t have the stunning location of San Francisco – next to the ocean and views of the Golden Gate Bridge, a famous zoo, wonderful seafood dining. On the other hand, from Yuba City you can drive to San Francisco – located about 150 miles southwest – for a lovely weekend getaway.

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