Building the Right Commercial Real Estate Career

When it comes to a career in commercial real estate sales and leasing, it is very easy to think that the “grass is greener” elsewhere in another real estate office or in another location. So many salespeople move around the industry for the dumbest of reasons; the reality in most cases is they have not made a “real go” of things for themselves.

I know that some other offices and bosses may be chasing you to move to them; but they will only do that for one of two reasons:

A� They have few staff now and are Real Estate Agent Contract desperate for more salespeople, or

A� They see you as very good at what you do and potentially earning lots of commission for them from your market share

The first point is not a reason to move agency. You are in charge here when it comes to your career. Take charge of the sellers, buyers, tenants, and business leaders in your market. Make the market come to you.

Think Again

So the story here is simple; if you think things are better in another agency and you are considering a move, think again. Most performance issues for salespeople are self generated and they do not go away by moving offices and location. A change of agency is only superficial.

When you change your habits and focus towards better listings and more business, the results will come anyway. Why would you want to change agency when that involves new systems and people that you do not know? Focus on yourself and the results will come.

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The common complaints in the industry that I see or hear so often are these:

The other agency has more listings

We do not have the support

We are not getting the enquiry

The clients are listing with other agents because they get a better deal on commission

The competition agents are getting all the business

The boss has not given me any leads

The realities of these things are that they are common problems and that only you have the solution for. The boss and the PA support in your office now has nothing or very little to do with the real facts and the results that you achieve. If you want better results, work on yourself and your market share. Every time you change company, you have to start over; that’s a real problem. Most moves cost you more money than they make you.

In this market we all have to sell ourselves and sell our knowledge. If we are relevant to the market and the property owners that we talk to, then we will win more business. Relevance is the key here; property owners do not really want to experiment with an agent that offers the cheapest commission or low cost advertising. They want results, and as quickly as possible. It is up to you to sell the story of your relevance as an expert in commercial property.

Ask yourself these questions now.

Just how relevant are you to the local property market?

Are you the best First Time Property Developer at what you do?

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Are you better than the competition now?

When you take control of your business activities and strive to be the best in the local area, things start to change. This says that you have to be seen and known by many, and those people that you have seen must know you as an expert at commercial or retail real estate.