Are You Prepared to Become a Real Estate Investor?

Just imagine this particular scenario:
You have been doing some pretty serious legwork for your career in the real estate investment. You have fully scanned your area for the deals which satisfy your criteria and have Rate My Agent 2018 Winners been successful in locating three properties which appear as a good investment chance to you, and you’ve gotten the required background on these three deals from their sellers.
One of the deals involves a short sale which is terribly upside down. The house has been empty since last 14 months and has some serious mold problem in the basement. The outer area looks good, but as it appears List Of Local Home Builders the interior repairs would consume time and money. And to tell, you will now have to negotiate with your bank, but you feel that you can bag the house at much lesser price than its owners owe to the bank.
The second deal concerns a home which its owner is willing to sell. The property is occupied but the finances of owner have declined which has resulted in the decline of overall maintenance of the property. The paint and roof of the house are in precarious condition. Besides, home owners association fees and fines are also due from the house owner.
The third property deal is a simple fixer-upper. The house owner desires to move out for business and is willing to sell the property for a low price to make the deal. There is less of mortgage load on him and he just wants to make 30,000 US$ on the sale. If you can meet his target price, he can hand over the keys to you.
All these deals discussed above sound tempting but how will you decide as to which one to buy? In reality, truth is that all these properties have few not so apparent pitfalls which you may have failed to see through as you are new in this field and lack experience.
Fortunately, you can easily find out as to which deal would be proper for you to finalize by just asking one plain question which all efficient real estate investors make it a point to ask.
You may have to ask for assistance.
In order to attain success in real estate investing you must have an experienced and good guide. He should be proficient to understand your goals in real estate investing. This is all the more important when each of your decision could help you gain hundreds of thousands of dollars and on the other side, a wrong one could make you lose much more.

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