Apartment Investing Education – Do Not Make This Huge Mistake During the Market Chaos

“Circumstances do not make the man; they merely reveal him to himself.” — Epictetus
The stock market is in turmoil, European countries are facing urgent Property Investment For Beginners financial crises, and Sears is getting into the gold business!
It is “Chaos Time,” my Friend…
Now, I have recently been hitting you HARD with the, “Now is the time to get into solid apartment and commercial real estate investments,” and I won’t do that here today. But what I am going to do is hit you with something that is very important that you need NOT do…
When it comes to cutting back on things – whether it is losing some money in the markets, the gas pump hitting you hard or the cost at the grocery store, it is tempting and arguably smart to cut back Real Estate Commission License Search on the non-essential items. I am sure you probably do not have a problem with this. I mean its probably smart to look at your finances and get rid of any money being spent that does not make sense.
But one thing that I will not cut back on is education – both professional and personal. I was just at Barnes and Noble last night and bought three more books to read and I recently registered for another seminar that I need to attend.
You see NOW is the time for those people that are working on themselves to shine. It is the people that continually work on themselves that will come out of good times AND BAD as the winners… Why? Because they ARE SMARTER than everyone else. I am talking about entrepreneurial smarts here…
What Will Most Do? Most will pick this category as the FIRST thing to cut back on and let go when it should be one of the last. The most important investment you can make is an investment in yourself and your education. A mentor of mine calls this kind of thinking “Future Banking,” and he is right on. It is this kind of attitude and behavior that will guarantee wealth and profits that you want and deserve.
not do what everyone else is you will probably be right about 99% of the time.

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