American Gothic Lifestyle Found in Anamosa, Iowa

In a small town named Anamosa, Iowa, new parents in 1891 named their baby Grant Wood. As the baby matured into adulthood, his love of both art and the people of the region grew, too. The nation was fortunate that Wood was able to combine his passions into paintings representing the farm region of the Midwest. One painting in particular – American Gothic – defined for generations the perception people would have of those from the farming region of the country.
Today, Anamosa remains a rural community not quite halfway between Cedar Rapids and Dubuque. The cost of living is still very affordable because residents still live to a degree on the land – they raise their own gardens, fish for largemouth bass in nearby Pleasant Creek Lake or for crappie in nearby Lake Macbride, and even care for their own chickens and other farm animals.
Also affordable are the homes in Anamosa, Iowa. Currently there is one foreclosed home listed for under $20,000. Buyers should expect that it will be a “handyman’s special” with new flooring, paint, fixtures, and more repairs needed. However, if you’re willing for your house payment to go up to almost $400 per month (not including taxes and insurance), you can jump into a house treated with tender loving care by the current home owner. The $90,000 house has three bedrooms, one bathroom, almost 1600 square feet, and a garage.
Bump the price up by $100,000 and a beautiful Victorian style home could be where you hang your hat at night. The gorgeous home in Anamosa is listed for $190,000 and boasts of four bedrooms and one and a half baths. All the outdated wallpaper was painstakingly removed as the house was updated (say “modern kitchen” and smile), however the charm of the Victorian remains. The home has hardwood floors, a blend of old and new light fixtures, stained and beveled glass throughout, and new paint on the outside.
If your style taste trend for the newer homes, Anamosa also has several houses for sale that have been newly constructed. These homes are a little more expensive, After Buying A House Checklist but all the modern conveniences come with the package, along with some very nice upgrades like tiled walk-in showers and, a huge octagon-shaped deck.
The value of homes in Grant Wood’s hometown have declined somewhat in the last couple of years, but overall have remained fairly sound. The median price is $115,000, but note that if you want your own real estate to Real Estate Marketing Materials exclude lawn or yard work you may skip Anamosa. There are no condominiums to be found, according to Uncle Google and Aunt Zillow, just the kind of lifestyle you’d imagine possible when looking at American Gothic!

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