Advertising your self-managed property in Australia

Real estate business is harsh and unforgiving. It takes not only precious time to sell or rent your property but also squalls you with thorns of burdening effort. Although today we are blissfully fortunate to have an ability to reach a wider population through specifically designed real estate selling or renting websites, it is far from being so cut and dry. There is still a myriad of stumbling obstacles that need proper consideration, as to what steps to take.

Managing property on your own might reveal its intricacies in several ways.

Finding the right place to advertise on is one of the glaring ones. From the sheer amount of websites at our leisure, let us choose two of the most popular ones in Australia. and Domain are two of the most notable examples. These two showcase a great platform for a self-managing individual to sell or rent a place. They are teeming with people that are willing to make an acquisition of some property. However, the problem here is in exposure and visibility.

How many people are going to see your property on sale? Without proper advertising the answer to this question is a dire one. This is where the problems emerge to the surface. For instance, offers no direct advertisements through their website. Which prolongs the time your property stays on hold and breeds inconvenience and wears you out. So, what about Domain, you might ask. On one hand, Domain does allow you to advertise on their website. On the other, it is quite a hefty investment to make. Over 200$ for an ad is a deal-breaker for most individuals out there, especially if you are a parsimonious one.

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There is another option that is worth turning our attention to. Good old buddy Facebook can surely seem favorable here. It’s comparatively cheap to advertise on and the audience and exposure you get is unmatched. It is approachable and practical. Therefore, it is the perfect choice? Not exactly. Although for some it might be the saving grace, specifically for those looking to sell or rent small places, Facebook is not an ideal place for someone looking to sell a serious property. Since, oftentimes, people scour Facebook for a bargain price on a small property, it renders its usage for something bigger unsuitable.

The question then, is there a service that irons out all of the imperfections of real estate advertising? The answer is resounding YES. Rentdesk alleviates the advertising conundrum by allowing you to advertise your property in an easy way and for a fair price.

Before committing for a full-on subscription, you can use a completely free of charge listing of 4 websites in one go. Witnessing the effectiveness of Rentdesk firsthand. With a premium subscription you will have full-fledged functionality and an all-in-one kit of everything self-managing property owners might need, including Lease Preparation and Execution, Rent Collection & Reporting, Lease Renegotiation and Document Management.

Additionally, Rentdesk provides property visit with all the necessary preparatory measures included like: property inspection, tenant onboarding or open houses management.

With a Premium advertising offer you can expect your property to be published on both Domain and for a fair price with no strings attached.

There is no need to worry about your property listing expiring. It’s either selling or bailing, there is no other way around it. You can cancel your subscription at any time you desire, so no long-term commitments involved.

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Rentdesk provides unprecedented real estate advertising of enviable magnitude in an easy and clean fashion.