8 Daily Disciplines To Gain Wealth

1. Take massive action consistently to gain wealth
Weather you are working for somebody else or for yourself, keep on keeping on. Brainstorm ideas on how to gain more wealth. Perhaps you can start a side job? You know what you have to do, now do it. Are you able and willing to do whatever it ethically takes to gain wealth? Perhaps you may need to hire someone to move your business forward.
Stop being stopped. Take massive action in your business. Jot down 10 things you can accomplish right now and work on it. How can you increase your sales if you are in sales? No matter what you are doing, you can increase your services and add more value to people’s lives.
Take a look where you may be wasting time and stop wasting time. Instead, use this time to be productive. Take a break if you need to, totally allowing yourself to rest, rather than idly doing something that is wasting time. Be mindful of what you are doing and put your time into whatever it is that is productive.
2. Speed up your momentum for success
You have got to use the power of leverage. If possible, have people make money for you. Have your money make more money for you. One of the things I do to leverage my time is to invest in real estate and have somebody else pay the mortgages. Time is going to go buy anyway, so I am using time and other people’s money as leverage. Most often real estate will keep up with inflation.
3. Study ways to make money grow.
It is surprising how a little knowledge here and there about money and gaining wealth makes money grow. For example, a simple concept such as taking some of the money you consume and investing it into a stock or mutual fund that is growing, will speed your momentum for financial growth. Just being mindful of where your money is going and putting it in the right places is paramount to speed up your financial growth.
4. Get yourself in the right mind-set as soon as you wake up
As soon as you wake up, practice an attitude of gratitude. Focus on ten things you are grateful for in the morning. Look at what you do have and focus on what you are grateful for. The reason Corporate Real Estate Training for this is that the more grateful you are the more you are able to see opportunities and possibilities to gain more wealth. This in turn will make you happy and the cycle continues.
Also, as soon as you wake up, read your life’s vision and goals. Your life’s vision and goals is what motivates you to work. It is what you are working for and why you are working. This will set you on the path to gain wealth and everything else you want in your life. At night, make sure your mind is processing your ultimate life’s vision. All you have to do is think about what you want right before you go to sleep.
5. Know that you can
My great grandma Julia used to tell me “we are our own worst enemy”. What she meant was our own mind can either make us or break us. How we think, whether we can or can not, we are right. A lot of what we think about is in our subconscious mind; that is why it is important to always be weeding out negativity, discouragement and frustration when it comes into our consciousness. Thoughts like “I can’t do this” or any thoughts that stop us from pursuing our dreams must continuously be weeded out.
How I weed out discouraging thoughts is read positive books, listen to personal development CD’s, watch excellent teachings about God and the bible on TV, meditate, pray, and practice self -hypnosis tapes. I surround myself with positive people, take various classes on what I want to learn and I have my own personal coaches to help me reach my goals.
6. Keep your health. Always work on being healthy.
My dad used to say, “You can have all the money in the world but if you do not have your health you will not be as happy as you can be.” Too many people spend their youth and their health on making money only to spend all their money in later years to get back their health. That does not sound fun. Instead, work on your health and fitness everyday all the time.
Practicing the discipline of working on your health can feel like a full-time job. Therefore, consistently work on your health whenever and wherever you can. There is so much to do in taking care of one’s self, such as making a healthy menu, food shopping, washing and chopping vegetables, cooking, taking a shower or bath, going to the spa, getting your hair done, putting on make up (for those of us who wear makeup), shaving, exercising, walking, taking care of your clothes, and the list goes on.
The bottom line is that you will need your energy to gain wealth and being healthy gives you energy.
7. Keep educated about investing your money
You want your money to work for you, but you may not know what to do. Go to a few different financial advisers and see what they would do. Go to seminars about investing money. Read what the bible says about investing money.
I was surprised to learn that women in bible days bought land, hired people to grow a vineyard and made money. I was surprised to learn that we are to use our talents to make money. People who waste their talents will not have anything at the end of their lives. We have to use what we have. The bible says to use our money to make more money and to put our money in different places. It says that you do not know which area or investment will profit and which one will not. That is very interesting to me; instead we are to “cast our bread upon the water”, which means put our money in many different places.
There are also spiritual laws for making money, such as giving to receive, and tithing 10% of our money. There are seasons to plant and seasons to harvest. There are so many analogies of gaining wealth in the bible, that it could take a whole year or more to research.
8. Invest in real estate and/or if you have real estate, keep your real estate up
Be very wise when investing in real estate. Location is everything. Do your homework and if you believe an investment will make you money then purchase it if you can. If the investment will lose you money, obviously do not purchase it. Once you have real estate, keep it up. So many people buy real estate and let it go down the tubes. They do not put in the energy and effort needed to keep the real estate in good condition.
You do not want to lose value; you want to gain value. Also, if a renter is not working out and/or damaging your property, it is imperative that you get rid of this person. Take a small loss if you have to, rather than a big one by keeping someone around who is not working out.
Wisdom and experience has taught me not to invest with people who are heavy drinkers or into any narcotics. This may sound obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. If you are What Happens If You Never Buy A House in partnership with someone, or even purchasing foreclosure properties, just like picking the right location, choose wisely the right people you want to work with.

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