4 Ways to Get More Commercial Real Estate Listings

Do you really want more listings in commercial real estate? Could your job be any easier if you had more good properties listed on your books? Make no mistake here, you need leads in creating new property listings, and the only way to do that is to generate the leads from a point of ‘attraction’. To solve this problem you must have what I call a ‘Listing Leverage Plan’.

The ‘Listing Leverage Plan’ is something that makes you better than the other agents in the area, and attracts more sellers to you for some simple and very compelling reasons. It’s not ‘rocket science’, although it is remarkable how many agents do not have such a plan or process. They hide behind the corporate image and logo, thinking that these will get the business for you. Make no mistake, these might give you some business but they will not make you really successful; only you can do that.

So to create the ‘Listing Leverage Plan’ you should have identifiable strategies in place that tap into the following:

Staging strategies for promoting listings. These should be solid strategies that have been well thought through and bring real benefit to the clients that use you. Consider the ways that you use the key promotional processes such as the internet, signboards on the property, your database, telephone prospecting for buyers, and design of adverts. Bundle your advertising into 3 or 4 alternative packages that give the clients a choice. Match your advertising packages to your target market and make sure that the client agrees with your target market from the outset.

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Pricing strategies or methods of sale. These should be special to your business and your success at that method of sale should be well known. Some agents choose auction sale methods as a case in point, although not all properties should be auctioned so this can prove How To Make Money In Real Estate Rentals a problem. It is better to have a few methods of sale that can give you a selection of sale methods to choose from when the property comes to market. The wrong method of sale invariably means longer time on market, a lower price, and perhaps no sale at all.

On site signs that bring impact and relevance to the property and you as an agent. The signs that you place on a property should be much better than the rest of your competition and support your image as an agent of choice that specializes in commercial property. That includes size, colour, images, property detail, and methods of contact. Your property Real Estate Is A Short-Term Investment signage has to clearly standout and be well seen from a distance from the property. When you then place the sign on the property, keep a check on it in case it is interfered with (it’s not unusual). Drive past the listing frequently to make sure that the sign is still giving the high impact sale image that the owner of the property deserves.

Local direct marketing processes. It’s a fact that most property buyers come from the local area. That means you should have a solid and sound strategy that gets the new property listing out to the local businesses and property investors fast. Your database is essential to the process and should be applied to every property promotion. The better your database, the more chance you will get and earlier sale. This sounds logical and good, although there are many property agents out there that keep their contacts and prospects on pieces of paper and at the back of their diary. This is a complete waste of time and puts you in the general performance level of the industry. How many prospects should you have in your personal database of contacts? About 500 to 1000; and you can’t control that from the back of your diary!

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So these are the key points of ‘listing leverage’ that will give you all the power in generating more listings. The stronger your business is in these processes, the more commissions you will generate. Clients will be attracted to you. Be better than the competition agents in your area and use these as the points that make you the ‘property agent of choice’.