20 Ways to Increase Property’s Value – Part I

There are ways you can increase your property value and I’d like to show you just how to do it. I have made it my business to buy, sell and exchange real estate for profit. I have worked with some of the biggest names in the business including Donald Trump and I understand the importance of using everything at my disposal to enhance the appearance and the value of my properties.  
You don’t need to be a real estate mogul. All you need is to learn the techniques that will increase your profit on any property you’re looking to sell. These are 10 easy ways to increase your property’s value. It is an excellent starting point if your property is currently on the market or may be on the market in the future. Are you ready? Let’s go!
1. Increase the curb appeal of your property. Curb appeal is simply the appearance of your property. Replace old gutters, clean the yard, apply a fresh coat of paint and Getting House Ready To Sell Checklist spruce up the landscaping. These are all projects you can do on your own or have a handyman do them for you without great expense. First impressions mean everything!
2. Increase the square footage of your property by finishing a basement or attic. A bigger property gets bigger dollars.
3. Update your bathrooms. Simple inexpensive improvements can increase value substantially. Replace old fixtures, faucets, toilets seats and even shower curtains. If you have the money and you can afford renovations, tiled showers, or a new vanity is a great place to update.
4. Update your kitchen. Perhaps the only room of the house even more important than the bathrooms is the kitchen. Replace appliances, refinish cabinets and enhance the lighting. Any time and money spent in the kitchen will almost always pay dividends.
5. Increase your storage space. We all have junk and we all need a place to put it. The more the better. Clean your garage and your attic if you have them. Show the world an immaculate storage area and it not only shows how much room there is, it also tells them how well you’ve maintained your property.
6. In cold weather climates, adding a garage is adding value! If you have the money, do it. Consider it a short-term expense for a long-term gain.
7. Replacing or fixing a roof will be money well spent. A leaky roof will decrease the overall value and will cast you in a negative light as the property owner. If you let the roof go, what else is wrong?
8. Interior painting. If you want to add a fresh coat inside your property use neutral colors. Interior colors are a personal choice and one you should never attempt to make for the new owner.
9. Make sure your property is clean. Nothing devalues a property like clutter and dirt. Have your carpets cleaned and your floors washed.
10. Replacement windows. Windows are now associated with energy savings as well as aesthetics. How Does A Real Estate Investment Firm Work Buy a quality window with a good guarantee. Your buyers will thank you and pay for the luxury!

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